Sabina Bekavac

Three-dimensionsional approach

The inspiration is the human kind in its diversity - this three-dimensionality should not solely be seen mathematically geometrically perspectively - rather in the antagonism of its vectorial proportions.

The individual in its relationship to nature, the individual in its social environment and the individual in its dispute with itself. At the same time my personal discourse begins and leads to my own dialogue - my liaison as an artist with nature, with myself in the context of my social environment and my Ego - changing from object to subject - a radical process, driven by the detail of social aspects, recovered in irrelevant associations of my surrounding, transformed into the dialogue of organic alliances.

My specific focus lies on the discussion and exploration of dimensional tension - esthetical perception and behaviour. The esthetical range in the intercept of any cognition comprehensively - sensual, intellectual and instinctive.

A dialogue of context and organic resonance - a trial of strength between order and complexity appears on the canvas and flows into an atmospheric expressive story that opens each viewer his own individual delightful and multidimensional sensual adventure.

The traces that are left bridge the gap of Ego and Non-Ego, the individual and the world, and beguile the viewer as a complex personality into a wanted inner dialogue.

In her work a great diversity is to be found - from excessive baroque seductiveness over gentle sensible figuration right up to abstraction and cool constructions. Her artistic vision and her workmanship give her work a big range of reflections – from still intimacy to vigorous expressive intensity.

The compositional and at the same time improvisatory approach builds the structural motives that organically linking flow into each other and lead to the final thought of the artists imaginary world.

- - - - - - - - - -

The paintings of Sabina Bekavac show her rapid artistic development and playful urge to freely experiment with form, color and figuration. Her acrylics on canvas and paper breathe her ongoing personal quest for artistic expressions and emotional essences.

In these medium sized works with classical subjects varying from bodies, flowers to musical instruments, Sabina skillfully analyzes the techniques and traits of historical art styles like naturalism, cubism and futurism. Organically she synthesizes them in her very own artistic language. An attractive language which speaks with the power of subtle seducement, with a strong spiritual awareness, and with the authentic innocence of intense joy.

Please come, enter and immerse yourself in a magic world packed with frozen action, jazzy colorscapes and warm sensuality: the inspired and inspiring world of artist Sabina Bekavac.

- Vinod Bhagwandin, Bergschenhoek, Holland